BMW Car Hire in Frankfurt

Flying to Germany’s largest city really soon? Don’t forget to book a car hire Frankfurt. Here are some tips to help you navigate this German city’s busy streets.

1. Stick to Speed Limits – Like most of Germany, Frankfurt has an excellent network of major Autobahnen (A motorways) and Bundesstrassen (B roads). On most areas of the Autobahn, there is no speed limit. However, on the areas that do have speed limits, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all figuring out what the limit is. You will find the limits individually marked out on the motorway. To be on the safe side, though, please keep these limits in mind:

● Regular roads – 100kph

● Inside built-up areas – 30kph

● Outside built-up areas – 100kph

2. Avoid the Frankfurter Kreuz – While taking your car hire Frankfurt for a spin, avoid the Frankfurter Kreuz if you can. This road close to the airport is where the Autobahnens A3 and A5 meet. It’s the most heavily used Autobahn interchange in the whole of Europe, so you may want to avoid it especially if you’re in a rush. Roughly 320,000 cars pass through this road daily.

3. Rush Hour – Avoid driving during the rush hours, when streets are congested and parking is hard to come by. These hours are:

● 8am – 9am

● 5pm – 6pm

4. Parking – Street parking and car parks is by the meter, so be careful where you park and how long—it can get quite pricey. Some hotels provide on-site parking. You may also want to try the city’s park and ride system—this gives you four parking options within the city’s outskirts: U-Bahn stations of Kalbach and Preungesheim, Kruppstrasse, and Neu-Isenburg tram station.

Driving your car hire Frankfurt need not be a nightmare. Stick to speed limits, avoid the Frankfurter Kreuz to save time, try not to drive during the rush hours, and carefully consider where you park. And, should you ever get lost, don’t hesitate to smile at a kind-hearted Frankfurter or two before asking for directions in the local tongue, “Wo befindet sich… (Where is…)?”


Good luck!

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