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Madrid is the capital of Spain. But there are many interesting sights outside of Madrid. Day trips in Madrid can be undertaken using public transport, rented cars or excursion tours by professional tour operators. You can also opt for guided tours which give you the best of both worlds: good sights and comfort, as you are driven around with a tour guide to explain many interesting sights along the way. Hence, you should opt for many interesting combined guided tours that will take you around Madrid if you are in a rush. This way, you will be able to see more than what you bargain for. Most places listed below can be enjoyed within a day although there are longer stays if you have the time.

Barcelona – The best way to get to Barcelona from Madrid for a day trip is via Spain’s incredible high-speed train or AVE system. It may be a bit more costly but it is an adventure by itself if you have not been on one before.

Toledo – this is the former Spain capital which has a lot of medieval charm to enchant you. Its ancient city walls with its winding streets will captivate you as you travel along them for a view of their past.

Seville – this is a city that is located a little further from Madrid but not when you take the AVE train. You can enjoy the sights better with a guided tour which includes the train ride.

Cordoba – AVE would be the best form of reaching this city so that you can still call it a day trip; else a two-day visit is preferred.

Segovia – A day trip here will set you on the charms of its fairytale castle and Roman aqueduct make Segovia an essential day trip from Madrid.

Valencia – this is the third largest city in Spain with the nearest beach to Madrid.

Avila – this city offers charming and well preserved city walls from medieval times in the best of Europe.

El Escorial – there are plenty of monasteries and crypts of ancient kings that are over 400 years.

This quiet town is a nice contrast to the tourist crowd at Segovia and Toledo.

El Valle de los Caidos – the English name of this town means ‘The Valley of the Fallen’ which refers to General Franco and the nation’s Civil War.

Aranjuez – this place hosts the royal residence which can be reached by a Madrid train.

Cuena – this town has unique looking houses that seem to be hanging off the precipice’s edge, known as ‘casas colgantes’.

Chinchon – Excellent Spanish cuisine can be tasted here.

Manzanares El Real – The impressive Mendoza Castle is the primary focus here with its well preserved structures.