BMW Car Hire in Milan

Okay, well the car isn’t really from the planet Mercury .. but the car & the Milan Hub Caps that are on it are so nice that you would think that they are!

I guess you can say that it’s a relatively new car that’s on the market. Since it has a pretty stylish interior & exterior, quite a few sporty attributes, & because it’s at an affordable price, Mercury hopes and plans to attract younger buyers interested in something more prestigious than the average economy or family car.

I think that they’re doing a more than “okay” job at it !

Since it’s considered the corporate twin of the Ford Fusion, there are quite a few similarities that the two have. They have the same architecture, drivetrain specification and safety technology. Because of the mechanical heritage that the Milan has, that car gives the driver quick and graceful handling and adequate interior space for five adult passengers .. which basically means that any young adult can ride around with their friends and they’d be completely comfortable.

If you were looking for the main difference, then I’d be happy to tell you : The Milan is more “upscale” in its appearance and it usually comes with more standard features. Plus, the Milan Hub Caps are nicer – well at least I think so.

Even though the Milan with the Mercury Hub Caps isn’t the first family sedan that would come to your mind, it should be. Just because it isn’t something that’s “common” on the road doesn’t mean that it’s not a worthy entrant in this hotly contested segment – it’s pretty worthy.

The sporty handling that it offers puts it a notch above the dynamic norm!

Are you having second thoughts yet?

The Milan also gives drivers a sensible interior layout and a price that’s lower than those traditional family sedans that are already on the market.

The Milan model that’s out right now is offered in two trims : the Base and the Premier. The Base model includes the standard 16″ wheels with OE Milan Hub Caps and has different things like air-conditioning (which is a MUST in the summer), an MP3-compatible CD stereo, a six-way power driver seat, a split-folding rear seat (which I think is cool), cruise control, full power accessories, and it even has keyless entry.

When it comes to the Premier model, there’s 17″ wheels, automatic headlights, dual-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstery, heated front seats (I lover these), a CD changer and Sync voice activation. The options for the Milan Premier include 12-speaker Sony sound system, a blind-sport warning system, a rearview camera and a rear spoiler .. which are all the things that I love on a car.

There’s a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 175 horsepower that the Milan relies on. The engine is actually connected to a standard six-speed manual transmission, while a six-speed automatic is optional. I’d probably choose the automatic transmission because one, I don’t know how to drive manual. Secondly, I just don’t know how to drive manual.

I guess – if you were to summarize it – critics have said that the build quality of the Milan is pretty solid and that the front seats are pretty comfortable.

What do you think about it now?