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The rape trial of the case chronology tile man

The trial of the weather presenter Jörg tile man approaches its end. Tuesday is expected the verdict. His length makes the case particularly. The chronology.

Jörg tile man before the court in Mannheim on 44th The judgment of the trial will finally fall © Ronald Wittek / DPA
8/9 February 2010:

23 against the clock weather presenter Jörg tile man his former lover Silvia May takes over the apartment (name changed) in Schwetzingen. There he is said to have raped her claims to. He speaks of consensual sex. Against a clock tile man leaves the house, moves into a hotel and fly to the Winter Olympics at noon the next day the Canadian Vancouver. Silvia May refunded during its complaint against him.

20th March tile man is arrested after his return from Canada at Frankfurt airport and taken into custody.

24th March: In a habeas corpus the TV weather expert denies the rape. However, the magistrate decides that he must remain in custody for now. Outside the courthouse waiting for many journalists. Tile man says, “I am innocent, that’s all I can say at the moment.”

29th April: the first time is one of the many so-called “girl lice” Kachelmanns an interview. The magazine “Bunte” prints a cover story with Viola S. The woman tells about her long relationship with the weather experts, and it makes serious allegations because of his infidelity.

19th Mai: Because of the suspicion of rape in a very serious case and aggravated assault charges, the public prosecutor in Mannheim.

29th July: The Higher Regional Court of Karlsruhe cancels the arrest warrant against Jörg tile man. There was no more urgent suspicion.

30th July: The 52 – year-old expressed publicly for the first time in detail: In a TV interview, he says, innocently sitting in prison, was the worst experience of his life.

6 September: The process before the Mannheim Regional Court adjourned immediately after the start. Kachelmanns lawyers had previously asked of bias against two judges. The alleged victim is surprising in court.

13th September: On second day of talks, the indictment is read. Thus tile man should have his longtime mistress threatened with a knife and raped. Tile man says nothing except his personal details.

20th October: The court rejects a renewed motion for bias against the three judges. Kachelmanns ex-lover tells the facts of the case, in their view, a total of four days long.

29th November: tile man goes completely surprising its defenders. Reinhard Birkenstock and Klaus Schroth must resign. The Hamburg Criminal Johann Schwenn, the new lawyer on the side of the public defender Andrea Combé.

20th December: An expert from the Baden-Wuerttemberg State Criminal Office is heard heard on the tracks at the alleged crime scene. He says that can not be the traces of DNA on the handle clearly assigned. On the knife blade had been discovered only small traces on the blade tip and the back of the blade, however no, not even by the alleged victim. However, tile man should have pressed the back of the knife to the throat during the act of the woman.

21, January 2011: tile man says for the first time since his arrest back on the weather. The radio station Radio Basel hired him for the weekend forecast.

15th February: The parties travel to Switzerland to interview a witness there. The woman reported according to media reports of a violent assault Kachelmanns beginning.

9 February: The court invites at the request of the lawyer as a witness Schwenningen Alice Schwarzer. The feminist and journalist who reports for the “Bild” newspaper of the process, but relies on their right not to testify.

9 March tile man marries the student Miriam K. It is one of the women with whom he was romantically involved even during his relationship with Silvia May. The 24-year-old had previously testified as a witness in court.

25th March: The alleged victim is heard again. First Kachelmanns defender Schwenningen has the opportunity to question the woman.

31, March: At the request of the two defense attorneys must appear as a witness and report particular through its survey of Silvia May. Prosecutors indicated that they had been lied to several times by Kachelmanns ex-lover.

2 May: psychological expert Louise abominations shall give its opinion on the credibility of the testimony of the alleged victim. Your assessment is considered critical to the process. Abomination comes to an open Result: It could not be excluded that the alleged victim intentionally lie, nor that it was a car contaminated suggestive statement.
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