Car Hire Frankfurt Airport Review

Now it may be deep winter and we are in the middle in the semester’s work.

Every plane trip has a journey back. This flight equals the return flight back in 2011, but Air Canada uses a much larger aircraft for that route. A Boeing 777-300ER. Two years ago, I thought that we will never be on that aircraft, but two years went by and we used that plane. The IATA uses for that type of plane the abreviation: 77W, so is the title of the video. The 77W, a bestseller in the world, but not in Germany…

We want to thank Trans Kanada Touristik, Air Canada, Best Western, the Mountain View Motel, Logos Land, Great Canadian Bungee, the TTC and Alamo Rent a car for nice experience in Canada.


Kevin MacLeod
Long Stroll

Apple’s Windy City Short is not included in this video.
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