National Rental Car Frankfurt Germany

A tour of the Frankfurt Motor Show, and a look at some of gems found within.
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25 thoughts on “National Rental Car Frankfurt Germany

  1. Melvin Hale

    Chris Harris (my favorite autoreviewer btw) gives us a taste of the
    Frankfurt Motor Show. Quite a few beautiful cars this year. The production
    Porsche 918 Spyder is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Diego Sartori

    Chris Harris at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

    The only negative aspect of this video the fact that it is only 8 minutes,
    I could easy have enjoyed a full hour of this :)

  3. thebeardozeus

    “Here’s to hoping I get to drive one some day soon..” Maybe Ferrari will
    let you drive all 3 individually prepped 458 Speciale’s they bring to the

  4. Raven16691

    uhm yeah, the Gallardo is from 2004, it’s about time for a successor. It’s
    called Lamborghini Cabrera.

  5. satellite964

    Vehicle design and styling are finally changing for the better. Next step
    in car design here we come!

  6. idepinedo

    Chris wouldn´t the 911_50 be called like that because its 50 years of the
    911??? and all those retro touches like the interior or the fuchs lookalike

  7. JerkyFraser

    The Audi Nanuk looks brilliant. Does it have bumpers or does the entire
    front end wings and all need replaced if you bash it?

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