Car Hire Munich

The livable city of the world Munich is Germany’s most favorite and the capital of Bavaria. The city of Munich is Germany’s third largest and has numerous attractions to offer to all ages and tastes. Whether you are interested in architecture, history or art; whether you love to enjoy strolling through parks, fancy attractions like a tour to the Bavaria film studios, guided tours or a visit to one of Munich’s famous traditional beer gardens, you can always find something or the other more exciting in this multi-faceted city.

Munich is well known as a city of palaces and public parks, art and coats of arms, Oktoberfest and oompah bands. Children will love to visit the puppet museum, the historical toy collection and the marionette theater that performs Mozart operas.

Munich is Germany’s southernmost metropolis. In the well-preserved historical center of Munich, you can find the charming little pedestrian streets, beautiful old churches and small impressive shops that give a fair idea of the city’s long tradition of Bavarian culture. Beyond old town, you can find extensive and well-kept public parks such as the green spaces along Isar River as well as English gardens and hilly Olympiapark. With its wide range of marvelous museums, theaters, the famous Munich Opera House and an agile independent cultural scene, Munich is one of Europe’s centers of art and culture.

Kaufingerstrasse, Neuhauser Strasse (high street shopping) and Maximilianstrasse (luxury goods) are some of Germany’s leading shopping areas. The surrounding places of Munich worth visiting include the beautiful Lakes of Starnberg, Ammersee and Chiemsee as well as the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, and Germany’s highest summit Zugspitze.

Munich’s inhabitants are considered to have a great relaxed and smooth, easy-going yet elegant life style. In recent years, Munich has become one of Germany’s economic hotspots but still this pleasing attitude towards life has been maintained. Today, the city of Munich is the most favorable place of residence of Germany as it perfectly combines the advantages of a small city and a metropolis, great surroundings for leisure activities, and arguably the country’s best tourist destination. Munich’s multifaceted inhabitants are sure to intrigue the visitors just as much as the city’s fascinating past. Thus, visitors can count themselves lucky since Munich is a home to everything quintessentially Bavarian.

Munich is related for many with the traditional Bavarian beer drinking culture. Indeed, the city still hosts numerous breweries that belong to the oldest in the world. Munich’s annual beer drinking event, the famous Oktoberfest, which every year lasts for two weeks of September, attracts millions of visitors. Although Oktoberfest is a unique experience, it is usually quite difficult to get accommodations or car hire in Munich due to heavy rush during this festive season. But, if you really want to visit then you can plan out in advance and book your accommodations and Germany car rental in advance in order to avoid last minute rush. A frequent visit to one of the city’s numerous traditional beer drinking halls and beer gardens might be just as interesting and depending on the place you choose that is more authentic.