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Munich is a beautiful city with the third largest population of 1.42 million people in Germany. Munich is the capital city of the German state of Bavaria and is located north of the Alps. With the cities high elevation and close proximity to the Atlantic Sea, it is fairly common for temperatures to reach below zero during the winter season. Munich lays between two dominating climate influences which is the cold and humid climate of the sea and the dry and continental climate of the south. Because of these two factors, both extreme cold and hot seasons are experienced.

During the cold season of winter, Munich can easily be considered the countries most snow covered city in Germany. Fog and föhn wind cover the most of the northern part of Munich which is most caused by the downward winds from the Alps giving most of the days sun to the more southern region of the city. January tends to be the coldest month of winter in Munich with night time temperatures reaching as low as -5°C / 23°F and has been recorded as having temperatures as low as -30.5 C˚ in the Alps.

During the summer, Munich may experience quite pleasant weather with sun and warmth. Munich does not tend to have extreme high temperatures in the summer but tends to be comfortable enough to spend the days outside. July and August tend to be the cities hottest months with temperatures averaging around 23°C / 73°F and even possibly climbing to 30°C / 86°F. This makes Munich most enjoyable during summer but even the warm climate of summer doesn’t stop the occasional rain or thunderstorm.

Downpours are a common occurrence through the year.

It is wise to refer to a weather website such as for current updates on precipitation chances or highs and lows for the city of Munich or any other city you may want to search. This way you can be a bit more prepared on the sudden changing weather and dress accordingly.