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Every one of us would like to own our car and we need to have known some general facts about the working of the car so that we would be able to repair it when it causes some trouble in its performance. Amongst all the car parts the vital part is the tires of it. The changing seasons of our environment does have a direct impact upon the choice of our preferences in selecting clothes, food and way of living. The same also applies to the tyres which surround the wheels of our cars. The summer tyres are ideal to be used during that season and they are composed of a sort of rubber which proves to be softer .They possess a sort of viscosity so that the driver would have a certain amount of power to control the movement of the car wheels when he drives on a tough hot road. Apart from that when we look into the features of winter tyres these sorts of tyres have extra column of spies which is actually the small treads on larger tread sections. This enables the car wheels to have an extra grip on the road when it is drenched with thick volumes of snow. The extra silica based compound enables the winter tyre to last longer than the summer tyres. However if one compares the thickness of both the summer as well as the winter tyres many would be amazed at the extra thick and tough outer covering of the winter tyres and this can be one of the reason why they have greater durably and efficiency.

Technique of buying tyres

Many people follow the technique of buying tyres which has got studs /chains attached with it .These chains help the tyres to break down the snow on the road surface and thus it gives the car a good grip on slippery snow filled wet roads. The all purpose tyres are also in the consumer market but it is wise to buy only those kinds of tyres which suits the required weather /climatic conditions of one’s environment. The use of proper kind of tyres not only ensures the better performance of the vehicle along with the safety of the driver but it also allows one to use economically the fuel of the car as the right kind of wheels ensures the car to move along the road with not much of force. The improved efficiency of the vehicle ensures the user to use it for a long life time with low maintenance charges.

Moreover it is vital to have a check on the pressure of the tyres before driving the car for long distances and it is advisable to replace a tyre once every 6 years or so .In case it is looking quite worn out before that specified time then it must be