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March 2010 16-18 three-day “Munich Electronics Show” at the Shanghai New International Expo Center was officially opened! Huaqiang electronic network as a national leader in electronic components business platform, with more than 350 domestic and foreign well-known electronic components, integrated circuits, wiring harness processing and chip equipment companies on the same stage debut, attracting a large number of trade visitors and industry partners to come to observation.
Giants gathered in an exhibition area doubled
2010 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show has successfully attracted over 350 exhibitors from international and domestic electronic components, integrated circuits, wiring harness processing and chip equipment companies a total of more than 30,000 professional visitors attending, distributed in two exhibition halls the size of more than 20,000 square meters more than double in 2009 with the growth. More than half of the display area from the international businesses, including those from the electronic components of the leading enterprises such as Tyco Electronics, EPCOS, Omron, Matsushita Electric, Phoenix, Weidmuller, Visa, Ernie, Harting , etc.; from the IC Infineon, Bosch, Microsemi, Secom Telecom, etc.; from the leader in wiring harness processing, such as Komax, Schleuniger, new leagues, and, JAM,, a small temple, Shi Masteraizer Vladimir, etc. In addition to , Germany and Japan were also organized a large-scale pavilions.
The other half is focused on the domestic local leading enterprises, including those from electronic components, such as Matsukawa, macro-fat, Jun Yao, high-positive, Farah, three-ring, etc.; from the integrated circuits, such as Mountain View, Macro and Micro, Star , the new good, solid-chi, etc.; from the wiring harness processing, such as Yin-hua, monarchical power, Hebi Hai-chang, Zhenyu, Hepburn sharp, etc..
It is reported that the current Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich cover electronic components and electronic equipment the two main themes experienced nine years of development has been the industry’s most influential and comprehensive professional Electronics Show. 2010 show more ingenuity to launch “zone + forum”, “walking on two legs” mode, exhibition area, the automotive electronics, power electronics, wiring harness processing, passive components, connectors, solder, LED and other area and Germany and Japan Pavilion The leading position.
Sponsor with the authority of associations, societies, industry media leaders to work together, work together to build “innovation forum”, the content is divided into two categories, one category is “application-oriented”, including automotive electronics, power electronics, medical electronics, LED semiconductor lighting and green manufacturing; Another category is “product-oriented,” including connectors, LED backlight, passive devices and wiring harness processing. The display area and workshops embraced to achieve “Bo and the specialized” the best balance, which is 2010 in Munich Shanghai Electronics Show in a major bright spot.
“2010 International Advanced Automotive Electronic Technology Seminar” The main focus on the development of future automotive electronic technology and development strategies thematic discussions; “2010 China Power Electronics Technology Application Development Forum” to “energy saving” as the theme for the realization of China’s low-carbon economy to do a contribution; “Fourth Shanghai LED semiconductor lighting innovation and application of the Forum” and “LED backlight technology seminars” and other workshops, will LED industry, policy development and concessions, project information, technology and other conduct in-depth exchange of practice .
2010 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show exhibitors presented to the industry’s luxury lineup, the most concentrated display of international and domestic, the leading electronic products and technologies. As a professional communication platform for key industry sectors, Munich Shanghai Electronics Show keen to capture the hot spots and fast-growing application market the industry for all exhibitors and visitors provide a rare-seeking customers and partners to promote corporate image, to understand the industry dynamics of the business opportunities.