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For Mrs. Bienert it´s strictly business. “Dubai is only a working place for me, my social life takes place in Munich and Mallorca,” the very feminine attractive blonde explains. She is Germany´s first certified Personal Food Coach and thus offers nutrition consulting that’s scientifically based. An extensive individual counselling interview, including the composition of a personalized nutrition plan, costs 714 euros. Caroline Bienert: “That´s enough to show clients their current situation. Then they have the guide in their hands to adjust their way of living using their self-discipline.” Regular consultancy is also possible for additional support.

This kind of treatment is a good investment for people whose health has been compromised, sometimes severely, by their lifestyles, e.g. being overweight or having other physical problems possibly caused by a nutritional imbalance. “My prices are an investment in your own life. Everyone who can afford a medium-class car can afford my services.”

The lowest-priced way to benefit from Caroline´s knowledge is to buy her book “The bodycoach” (16,90 euros), in which she expounds her main theories and propositions about nutrition, and gives advice. She uses clear and uncomplicated language to explain biochemical actions. Reading each chapter carefully one can indeed identify one’s own nutritional mistakes and lack of knowledge of the subject.

The nutrition consultant knows very well what she´s talking about. The book contains an extensive explanation of the way the metabolism works. On several pages the reader can learn which nutrients, vitamins and fibres the organism needs and in what quantities, as well as the role of enzymes.

All of her statements are scientifically underpinned and supported by statistics.

In between the theory chapters, there are testimonials from some of Caroline’s clients. There are also recipes and a standardised questionnaire about nutrition habits.

The most convincing argument in favour of sessions with “the bodycoach” is the practicality and sustainability of the founder´s business concept. She doesn´t unveil a new magical diet, but challenges her clients to change their bad habits and to reconsider their idea of nutrition. The scientific background is holistic. Caroline Bienert graduated as Nutrition Consultant in New York City. This degree is respected because of the high standard of nutrition science in the US. Furthermore,

she studied Chinese nutrition culture and learned Ayurveda herbal science in Munich and Sri Lanka.

She doesn´t just consult with people suffering weight problems, however. Many diseases can be related to nutrition. If someone fails to benefit from restructuring their nutrition, or suffers from illnesses in spite of being declared physically healthy, “the bodycoach” recommends a capillary spectrum analysis. Through this method a nutrition consultant can detect disproportionate mineral contents or contamination with metal elements such as quicksilver or lead. The levels of trace elements are measured. Some conditions like insomnia, listlessness, allergies and susceptibility to infections can be related to these data.

“I´m not a doctor and I don´t treat patients. But there are connections between deficiency syndromes of the organism and defective health,” the German food expert remarks. A lack of zinc, for example, diminishes the resistance to disease and is an influencing factor in the onset of allergy-related conditions like asthma or chronic bronchitis. Contamination with heavy metal elements (lead, nickel, cadmium, beryllium) increases these tendencies – a high risk factor especially for smokers.

With the results of individual enquiries, “the bodycoach” develops programmes of detoxification and purification. And she advises clients suffering from health problems, how important it is to change the entire lifestyle on a sustained basis: “Eventually only people with real problems come to me. My service is often therapeutic and supports the medical treatment.”

The German nutrition consultant doesn’t believe in weight-reducing diets, “because these methods have a short-term effect and after a few months the excess weight returns.” Sustainable weight loss and increased wellbeing can only be achieved by a profound change in nutrition. Therefore discipline is necessary: “The metabolism needs some time for a new adjustment. The clients should be patient.”

Some of the pillars of Caroline Bienert´s concept of healthy nutrition are the following: have three meals a day at fixed hours (to programme the metabolism); have your meals without time pressure and enjoy cooking; abstain from eating raw vegetables (e.g. salad) after 4 p.m.; use only bio meat and lots of cooked and stewed organic vegetables (with bittern). And, very important: drink between two and three litres of still mineral water every day (room temperature). Caroline Bienert: “I believe that 50 per cent of all diseases would disappear if everybody provided their bodies with enough water.”

One should also take exercise – except people who are extremely overweight. If requested, Mrs. Food Coach will also assist with shopping, in wholefood product shops, and will even appropriately stock a client’s fridge.

Recently “the bodycoach” started a co-operation with five-star hotel St. Regis Mardavall. For this Caroline Bienert has developed special coaching concepts. Besides individual consultancy, hotel guests can book “Power Coaching” sessions for a weekend or a whole week, with spa treatments included.

Text by – Roland Kroiss