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I am going to be honest with you now. Custom poster printing is hardly a cheap affair. Custom posters by their very nature are more expensive than standard posters simply because there are customized elements to its development. However, there are ways to be thrifty in custom poster printing. In this guide, I will teach you about some of these thrifty tips. They wont make your custom posters totally cheap, but they will save you a significant amount of money in poster printing.

Keep things simple and standard First we have standardization. Using standard dimensions, settings and configurations can net you a lot of savings in custom poster printing. Of course I do not mean here that you should just NOT customize your color posters. What I do want to say here is that you can try to use standard color poster dimensions in your custom designs to make the printing costs cheaper.

Most of the extra costs in printing custom posters come from the fact that poster printers need specialized cutting machines and settings for the custom design to work. By eliminating those extra customization costs in poster configuration, you save a lot of money. So keep your custom posters simple and within standard poster dimensions and you should save a little money in the process.

Print as small as you can Size can determine a big part of the cost of custom poster printing. The bigger your posters are, the more expensive they become. Of course by effect, the smaller they are the cheaper your costs will be as well. So to be thrifty in poster printing, all you have to do is to print as small as you can within standard poster dimensions. If you can cut the poster size by as much as a quarter, you can save around a quarter of your money in printing as well. That is why it is good to optimize your custom poster size and print as small as you can.

Use basic poster materials When it comes to material choices, the key to be thrifty is of course to use only basic poster materials. You should try to ignore all the great sales talk about glossy poster coatings and important paper materials. Focus on being practical with your poster materials by just choosing all the basic options. A decently thick and durable poster paper should do well, along with some water resistant quick drying ink. These materials are cheap and standard, letting you make affordable custom posters whatever your designs may be.

Design it yourself Being thrifty also means doing a lot of the work on your own for free. This is especially true when it comes to the design. By doing your own custom poster designs yourself you can save a lot of money in not hiring those professional graphic artists. This should help you to really develop a truly original and customized color poster that is uniquely your own. And do not worry about the skills you have for design. With the great software out there easily available to everyone, you should be able to create your own decent designs with poster templates and easy to use formatting commands.

Be choosey with your printer Lastly, being thrifty in poster printing means being choosey with your color printer. Some poster companies are cheaper than others. Moreover, most of these printing firms have varying levels of poster printing quality. So it pays to be choosey with your printer to get the cheapest custom poster printer with the most decent quality you can find. So be thorough and look at the printing prices of poster printing companies. Go for the ones with the best cost and printing quality.

Great! Now you know how to be thrifty in poster printing. Good Luck!