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Munich is the capital of Bavaria, renowned for its architecture, parks, nightlife, been gardens, shopping complex and culture. It is the second largest tourist destination after Germany.Munich is located surrounded of German Alps. Munich has several mesmerizing places around the city to catch thousands of tourist every year. The superb service along with its ambiance enhanced the beauty of the destination. Munich is the hub of various historically pertinent like as museums, Dachau concentration camp.

If you are planning to visit then first check your flights’ Munich, because managing tickets is one of the major responsibilities. And search on net, where you have decided to visit. It will make your journey smooth and simple. After visiting here, you can explore the enchanting fairytale castles and parks, like as the Schloss Nymphenburg, along with several theaters, which help to make this city natural and artistic at the same time. The cuisine’s of Munich is same as Bavarian and there is a surfeit of beer gardens. This beautiful place also offers you a good base that helps you in exploring surrounding areas of interest, such as Dachau, Nuremberg, Salzburg as well as borders to Prague.

The best weather to visit flights Munich is between the month of May and September. During this time weather is so soothing, that makes Munich costly to the normal. Tickets of flights go high, so if you are thinking to book tickets flight to munich then book in advance. There are various travel agents all around, which help in booking tickets, otherwise you can book by yourself through online facility.

Places around the Munich :

Munich is renowned as the hub of historical pertinent where you can enjoy the most of your life, you can visit to explore including Marianplatz, Dachau concentration camp, the English Garden, Frauenkirche, Hofbrahaus, and many others. There is small information related to the place are:

1. Marianplatz: It has kept the hearth of Munich, which give you an opportunity to explore old and previous buildings, landmarks and the churches. The magnificent golden statue of Virgin Mary is located at topped of Marienplatz. It also preserved the new and old Town hall of Munich. The tower of New town hall’s bell is old more than 100 years.

2. Frauenkirche: It is one of the landmark of Munich and preserved most renowned
Church. This church has thc capacity of 20,000 people together. The stunning view of
Munich and Bavarian Alps is breathtaking .The brick built cathedral style of architecture
signifies the late Gothic of 15th century.

3. The English Garden: It is located near the residence of Munich. It preserved the largest
park around the city. You have a chance to explore the beautiful traditional gardens and
watch the surfing the water waves that is called Eisbach.

4. Vikualimarkt:It is situated near Mrainplatz. You can see Munichs daily farmers market.You can feel the essence of vibrant color boths with the exclusive flovor of market,which have several varieties of fresh and regional food. They also keep some exclusive sorts of flowers, spices,meat, cheese, eggs, honey, pastries and many more.