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For valid reasons, as well. Berlin plays gracious host to global politicians and influence peddlers eager to make their brand of difference in the world. In Berlin you find the couture of fashion, the scientific geniuses, all in an important European city, the center of an empire, and the whole world.

But to appreciate Berlin is to visit the many places and meet its residents that make Berlin what it is today – bold, beautiful and brassy in general while still being lovable, lusty and loquacious in particular. Bicycles are a popular form of tourism in Berlin and are available for rent.

There are also public bicycles in the Deutsche Bahn, which can be unlocked by calling the number on the bicycle. One way to fit in in Berlin is to use a bicycle, the mode is a popular form of transportation. You can ride a bike in Berlin without having to worry about traffic. Plus, there are also guided bike tours for those wishing to have a sense of history for each place visited. Berlin in not proud of itself if that is not heaven for the eco-consious tourist.

Of course, you can also tour Berlin by yellow double-decker bus, which are part of Berlin’s landscape as much as yellow cabs are to New York City and the red bus to London. You can see many of Berlin’s historic landmarks on the Alexanderplatz, Potsdamer Platz and Unter den Linden, to name a few.
To really see Berlin do it on foot. You may have to wear your sturdiest shoes as Berlin is a very big city with interesting things to do, places to see and foods to eat in almost every nook and cranny. You’ll soon see why this city has been fought over throughout European history.

Berlin is one of the most tourist-friendly European cities. Despite the reputation of Germans to live by a rigid social and cultural structure, Berliners live by the motto of Frederick the Great: Live and let live. As such, you will find many immigrants, tourists and residents as proud as can be of their own heritage, beliefs and appearances simply because it is expected of everyone to be tolerant of each other.

With the right accommodation of course you will want to make your stay in Berlin more than tolerable. To avoid the rush you should book your holiday apartment a few weeks before you go on a tour of Berlin. You will soon appreciate the thought of having accommodations even your grandma will be proud of.