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Opting for car rentals in Oman may be the best decision you make, to enjoy your stay in the country. Whether you book one in advance via a website or hire one at the airport, is up to you. Even though the transportation facilities in the Sultanate are pretty good, nothing can beat exploring this beautiful land in the lap of luxury, driving or being driven around in the comforts of a good vehicle rather than bothering with the schedules and routes of buses.


A car is the ideal mode of transportation in a country like Oman with its long distances, good roads, nice off road terrains, and great deals offered by the various car rental companies. If you are visiting the country for a holiday or short business trip, you might find it easier to hire a chauffer driven car. Most car rental companies offer such services at reasonable rates to make your stay more pleasurable, minus the worries of reading maps and figuring out directions in a foreign country. Companies that are well reputed in renting cars boast of a fleet of standard and modern vehicles that are well-maintained and exude the highest in safety standards and comfort.


There are various sizes, types, and models of cars available to choose from depending on your requirements and budget. To discover the fun of Oman, it is advisable to rent a four wheel drive SUV, as it is smooth on the roads, gives awesome maneuverability, and is great on off road terrains as well as for desert adventures. You have an option of choosing the safety features you want too, as these cars are available with or without PDO specifications.


Car rental companies also specialize in leasing vehicles to corporate companies and individuals who are in the country for specific time frames.

Leased cars are popular with business travelers as they can choose the car that fulfills their requisites and fits their budget, and the rental company provides a replacement if the vehicle is taken for repairs, or in case of accident, in addition to a buy-back facility.


Luxury car rental company Muscat are not just limited to renting cars for short or long periods, but also provide and arrange various sightseeing tours in and around the country to make your holiday the most memorable. These companies also have tie-ups with various tour operators in case you need a guide who speaks a common language or assistance in planning your excursions.