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Oman is “mesmerizing”, and this is just one of the hundreds of adjectives that may pop up in whichever conversation between any two people who have visited this wonderful country in the Middle East. With so much to offer in various aspects, the Sultanate of Oman is one of the favourite destinations for adventurous travelers from all over the world. So how do you come here and make sure your traveling is taken care of? Well, you can fly from one internal airport to another and do all the sight seeing you want, or you could take advantage of one of the Muscat car rentals as soon as you land at the Seeb international airport.

There are many car rental services available at the airport itself if you please, or you could even check for a good service online and book the car well in advance. Another good option can be to let your travel agency know you need to rent a car to go from point A to point B. Most travel agencies and car rental companies have tie-ups, which can get you great deals and good discounts. The capital, Muscat is the ideal place to get your hands on the car for your Oman explorations. Not only is it a beautiful city, but it also houses the best car services you can hire.

To get the best price for your car hire, you could use a few tricks mentioned below. Firstly, choose the right car for you – size-wise. The small cars are mostly economical compared to the fancy SUVs and luxury sedans. Secondly, don’t opt for extra accessories like GPS, four-wheel drive SUVs (instead of the regular SUVs), etc. These small accessories can run up your rent to quite a number. Lastly, you should always ask for any special offers made available by the company.

For example, if you are thinking of renting the car for four days, you could rent it for 5 days instead and get a week’s rental for the price of 5. Some companies offer discounts for people who book their car online.

The roads in Oman are a pleasure to drive on with diverse terrains and unmatched scenic beauty, and with your hired car you can enjoy this country in the lap of comfort. All the Muscat car rentals are known for their customer services, clean and well-maintained cars, wide range of car models, and competitive rates. With so many places to go to in this wide spread country, and so many things to do from water sports, camel racing, desert safaris, to wildlife watching, and shopping at souks, nothing is better than experiencing every bit of it in your own car.