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Muscat car rentals are probably most popular as compared to other regions of the Sultanate, for the reason that a majority of visitors enter the country through the Muscat International Airport located here. If you are looking for a reliable car hire company online, it may be best to start with listings of companies present at the airport itself. But before doing all this, take a good look at your itinerary and answer a crucial question that may give you a clear picture of what kind of car you might need for this Oman trip. The ones who do not consider their itinerary or purpose of travel before booking their rental car, may be risking their comfort and fun in travel and regret the decision at a later date. This article is committed to making sure you make the right choice and explore Oman to the fullest.

What is your purpose of travel?

Business travelers need to worry about the impression they create on their clientele or at meetings. This is the reason Limos, sedans and the like are recommended for businessmen. Such travelers do not need cars that can perform well off road, but rather ones that look good. In view of the fact that most business travelers to Muscat do not intend to visit far off regions, it is safe to assume that the car will only be driven on well-constructed roads and thus do not need features like four wheel drive. Comfort is the main priority for executives and most of them prefer chauffeur driven vehicles. Most car rental companies provide well-trained chauffeurs for a little extra cost. 

On the other hand, if you are on a family vacation to Oman you would rather go in for a four wheel drive SUV that can fit the whole family comfortably and also take on rough terrains if need be.

Four wheel drives are a favourite choice for desert sightseeing and come with features like GPS and airbags if needed. Many family travelers too prefer chauffeur drives as it saves the hassles of reading maps or worrying about being lost or losing time in the process. Car rental companies provide chauffeurs that speak at least one common language so as to ease communication between the driver and you.

Another type of travelers is the lone adventurers. A majority of these visitors are on a budget and want a compact vehicle. Hatchbacks like Skoda Fabia are ideal for such tourists. These cars are comfortable, small and reasonably priced to suit your needs and pocket. While it is always more enjoyable to travel to a foreign land with someone to share in the joy, you could take on this adventure by driving the car yourself. 

In the Capital city of Muscat car rentals can be found easily even if you want to book your car once you have landed. In case you want to take care of your travel needs beforehand, you can choose a good car rental company online and make the bookings using your credit card. The whole process is easy and takes only a few minutes.