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Car owners have monthly National car care where they can check their cars and do some repairing and servicing if there is a need. All things are to ensure the cars are in good condition of performance. This check up of the car every year is very recommended if you want to be up to date as far as the condition of your vehicle is concerned.


But if anyone wants to ensure that their car is in excellent condition all throughout the year, then they should get the checking up done on a regular basis and not just wait for the National car care month. We would, in this article, have a look at some of the other facts relating to national car care celebrations.


During the National car care month, it is important that you check the oil changes and needs of your vehicle. To get the oil changes done in a factory in a more efficient manner might cause you some bucks. But one must not be worried about the money that they would probably spend on the oil change because if the situation is not rectified, then it would cause some serious irrevocable damage to their vehicle.


The other aspects of the vehicle that one has to look into during the National car care month are the tyres. If you have not checked your car tyres before, then it would be better that you start doing it from the National car care month onwards and then make subsequent checks on a monthly basis. While checking the tyres for air and other problems, try to follow the guidelines which are there in the instruction manual. Filling up the tyre is a very dicey activity as too much of air might result in premature wear and under inflated tyre would have a lot of impact on the performance of the car.


The air-filter is an important feature of your car too and ensure that you check it with the help of a mechanic.

The checking of the filter must be done every time the oil is changed. Poorly maintained air-filters can result in bad engine performance and it can also affect the gas mileage. Check your car battery and ensure that it is very well fit to the engine and see to it that the fittings are corrosion free.


The windshield wash fluid must be filled up whenever possible. This is very important because the fluid will ensure that the glass panes are properly cleaned whenever the driver puts on the window panes and that as a result makes his vision from inside the car clear and clean without any obstruction.


Check your spark plugs and ensure that they are not loose or have worn out. Ensuring the proper fitting of the spark plug is very important because a damaged spark plug would result in your car drinking more fuel than it would usually do. And that as a result would increase your expenses on fuel.