Adam and Rutledge challenge Tanner to drift a variety of “undriftable” vehicles.

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25 thoughts on “Germany

  1. aladdad1

    usually when i play tag with my friends and im using tanner i switch to any
    car and drift with it… so yes

  2. Squidgy Peewee

    Btw guys when referring to Top Gear UK, its just “Top Gear”, if you want to
    refer to any other crappy remakes THEN you can follow it by the country
    responsible for creating such a disaster of a television programme.. We
    made it, we own it. Its “The Office UK” all over again. deary me…..

  3. Scvngr

    Yeah its wet, I forgot that UK never drifts in the wet, or uses editing to
    make their show. No your all right! lol


    We think we speak for the whole world when we say it would be so nice to
    have Tanner Foust return to drifting. Thumbs up if you agree!

  5. Vince Kraus

    Some people are STILL complaining about how worse TG-US is compared to
    TG-UK ????!!!! Shut the goddamn f**k up !!!! It wont change! Get a life,
    watch things you like and leave the people who actually like the show

  6. Alex krotz

    even though both the british and the american shows are scripted, the
    british one is funnier.

  7. ewt415

    I don’t think Top Gear USA is as good as Top Gear UK, but some of you guys
    are just hating on TG USA just for the sake of hopping on the bandwagon.

  8. beastlybob2011

    lol I love reading all of your comments talking like people actually give a
    shit about your opinions! 

  9. Mitchell Chapman

    Tanner, please stomp on Formula D again someday. You are missed and
    there’s a lot of egos needing to be deflated.

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