Jeremy emerges from the darkness on to “God’s Race Track”, Italy. James and Richard bide their time tracking the train’s speed. Jeremy attempts to summon up the heroic film character quality of the Mustang in his very own race to the death… well to a bar outside the San Siro stadium. Keep watching for James’ secret weapon!

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25 thoughts on “Italy

  1. supercooled

    How can Hammond be British and not like Football?

    That Stang is just awesome. Looked like he broke speed laws in Milan. 

  2. jawsrock1

    OK, let me get this straight: Jeremy was driving at exceedingly dangerous
    speeds (over 100mph at times), through traffic, while tired AND talking on
    his cell phone to James and Richard. In my opinion, Jeremy should be
    arrested and this show should be shut down. This was horribly

  3. Nick Sandman

    that gt500 is one of the most good looking cars i have ever seen…my dream
    car…for some reason american v8s are the best sounding engines there
    are…then again i am american…

  4. IMXSeven

    This is one major bullshit. Does he have 80 camera crews who wait for him
    on several sports? No, he overtakes the cameracrew and then has to let them
    pass him so he can do the same thing over and over again.

  5. kyle budd

    First of all its kph second a lot of highways there are 90-150 and third in
    a few episodes they admit they are not allowed to go over speed limits per
    contracts and deals made with the country

  6. Karbis S

    if Jeremy broke the law he would have been at the finish line before that
    train arrived. That Shelby can hit over 120mph just in 3rd gear.

  7. Dennis D

    No.! The damn train didn’t win that , it was the traffic and the god damn
    road laws that won that. Sure lets make trains do near 200 mph while we
    force cars at s*it slow speeds just because some numb nut decides to drive
    into a pole every once and a while……

  8. Firemarioflower

    Darn, if Italy had finally enacted the speed limit to 150 km/u, Clarkson
    would have won here.

  9. MrGooseFilms

    Clarkson would have never won the race. There is way too much traffic when
    football matches are on. The police close quite a few streets to allow
    pedestrians to walk in masses. I know because I live in Milan. It is way
    better getting around using public transport in these kind of occasions!
    BTW, does anybody know the name of the app used to track the speed? I would
    love to have that!

  10. MegaKing121212

    Jeremy liked the Shelby but he doesn’t want to say it. I mean really, how
    could you dislike it… its an amazing car… A Dream Car!

  11. oldmodman

    It’s nice to see that there are at least two people (me and the Hampster)
    that don’t give a shit about football. Either type.
    And the 2013/14 GT 500 is only a pulley away from 700hp at the wheels.
    Throw a 4.0 Whipple on there along with better fuel pumps and you are over
    1000hp. Easily in the high 8’s at over 150.

  12. svtcobra666

    Jeremy got to haul around in a 662hp GT500 while the other two sat on a
    boring train, and now have to watch boring soccer. Jeremy won, LOL!

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