Top Gear presenter James May talks about the “budget” Super Cars the boys took to test in Spain in episode 3 of series 20 and which one is his favourite.

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25 thoughts on “Spain

  1. Griff

    Saying that there is a such thing as a budget super car is like saying you
    buy stuff from a super high end mini mart…they kind of don’t exist

  2. yellowcolourteam

    А причем тут то, что на слух сложнее, чем письменно? Что относительно этой
    передачи в письменной виде ты так легко воспринимаешь..? Если знаешь язык
    норм и так, и так. Английский это самый легкий язык в мире и самый
    распространенный. Так что нет тебе оправданий.

  3. patfromozZ

    I think the Audi R8 spyder was the wrong car to use in this comparison. I
    think the Lamborghini LP-550 Spyder was the obvious 3rd contender.

  4. maxgeek

    Person B, better yet buy a GTR and drop 100K on it! Person C, better yet
    buy a Corvette and drop $150K on it! Person C, better yet buy an EVO and
    drop $170K on it… Keep going?

  5. WontonMonkey

    yes. They should have grab 3 100k super cars and pit them against each
    other, Nissan GTR, Vette ZR1, Audi R8 V8.

  6. Anthony Castelluci

    Didn’t the 458 disintigrate on the under carriage on the drag race? Not
    really a budget at all when you start getting the bills for that fix. And
    well, that kills the theater as well. Part of theater is entertainment.
    Can’t be entertained if your car melts away as you use it.

  7. noel monkey

    no james i did not see the show i was out and the bbc ar a showers of cocks
    and i cant watch it anywhere online bbc tight fisted wankers

  8. NOLAItsNotOva

    I’d take the Audi mainly because A) Its my dream car lol B) I don’t have to
    spend $30k on maintenance when it gets serviced nor will I have to send it
    to a different city to get maintenances, and C) Its much more easy to
    drive. In a Ferrari you just feel like ever single thing will mess it up

  9. Matthew Skidmore

    I didnt watch this episode when first shown because i was away. Loved this
    episode however. Reminded me of the romanian and italian road trips

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