Hire Car Across Europe One Way

Ariunaa has highlighted that my high quality videos don’t work on iPhones, so I am uploading a low res version.
I thought YouTube was smart enough to down convert…
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Terelj National Park in Ulaanbatar Mongolia is about 50km from the city centre.
A bunch of us went through to the river at the national park, via the back country tracks.
It was not long after the rains, and everything was green and fantastic looking. Perfect!

Along the way we met a friend of one of the guys who was stuck in the river-the Mongolian driver swore it was easy to get across in that vehicle (no way it looked good for a water crossing to me!).
When one of us got a flat tyre, a Mongolian tour car came past and stopped to ask if we needed help. With the tour were a couple of european girls, hiking/driving through the park. Later, Maran and Yanah, from Germany and Switzerland came walking back to see how we were getting on. (actually the front bolt was bent/threaded and wouldn’t go back in properly-that’s why it took so long to get back on the road).
In the meantime, one of our kid’s teachers just happened to be riding his mountain bike with a colleague and came past too. It’s really a very small world in Mongolia!!

The rest of the way proceeded without any further problems (except that JohnK’s bike had a flat battery, so he refused to ever turn it off…till we agreed to push start him!).

Of course, this is only a brief first half of the trip; getting there! There’s some more too, from there and the way back.

If the guys want, I will include their names, and maybe I will find out the models of the bikes.
Mine is a KTM450 exc. Amazingly quick. I didn’t realise how powerful it was until I swapped with someone’s Honda 250. I thought they were just taking it easy…
It was a great day trip and we’re looking forward to another, this summer.