Ferrari Car Hire In Frankfurt

Rent Ferrari in Frankfurt – Ferrari Enzo, 458 Italia, F430, California, 599 GTB Fiorano and more..
Ferrari car hire to Frankfurt Airport and all Locations in Germany. If you are looking plan a business trip or for leisure you wish to hire Enzo, 458 Italia, F430, California, 599 GTB Fiorano or any other luxury Ferrari car in Frankfurt, our prestige Ferrari car hire company in Frankfurt presents clients with the best of all driving experiences that can be had anywhere in Frankfurt. No matter if you want to enjoy the benefits of a high-end Ferrari cars for just a day, weekend, a week or you want to escape for even longer. You will never forget the divine feeling of touring Germany in any one of our exotic and luxury Ferrari vehicles.
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The Ferrari 458 Speciale is a lightweight performance special edition and was the centrepiece of the Italian firm’s stand at the 2013 Frankfurt motor show.

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The Ferrari 458 Speciale’s power comes from a modified version of the 458’s V8. With 597bhp and 398lb ft of torque it is the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 ever built by the company. It has a specific output of 133bhp per litre, which Ferrari says is the highest ever achieved by a naturally-aspirated road-going engine. Maximum power is achieved at 9000rpm; maximum torque at 6000rpm.

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21 thoughts on “Ferrari Car Hire In Frankfurt

  1. Autocar

    Watch the Ferrari 458 Speciale, a lightweight performance special edition,
    at the Frankfurt motor show

  2. boxserpent

    Very nice car. The same bhp as Porsche 918 naturally-aspirated engine (V8,
    4,6 l, 608 bhp). The two competitors !

  3. nutta nunn

    Boring much?! Get on evo mag channel for a decent look round the car. This
    motherfucker near put me to sleep

  4. bucketslash11

    133 hp pr litre is not the highest specific output of any engine, the
    caparo T1 has 164 hp pr litre

  5. Christine Fury

    Then leave and go something that makes you excited you ADHD-victim. I
    suggest Transformers. Lots of things to keep the likes of you interested.

  6. nutta nunn

    Christine fury. Obviously you must be fuckin that guy. That’s why he sounds
    so bored with his life. You should try a transformer with ADHD sometime.

  7. Deo Heerai

    Actually its slower in EVERY way to the new SLS Mercedes which is more
    luxurious and half the price and they are both GT cars. Motortrend tested
    it a few days ago go compare it to their other best drivers cars and come
    to grips with how WRONG you are . faster cars were Porsche 911 , Audi R8 ,
    Nissan GTR , Dodge ST Viper, on the track and 0 to 60

  8. Deo Heerai

    The standard 458 ia already faster than the F12 the F12 was tested by
    Motortrend this week go compare it to their best drivers car . The SLS
    mercedes a, GT car as well, MURDERED it in EVERY way as well as a few
    others. No hype just facts.

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