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It’s Day 2 of Fast Lane Daily’s coverage of the Frankfurt Auto Show (IAA) in Germany! This show is HUGE, so we tried to hit up everything we thought you guys would want to know about. We’ll head over to the awesome BMW building where they have i3’s driving around, but more importantly we’ll see the production i8, and is the M4 here?! We get an in person look at the new Mazda3 sedan and hatch and they look great! The Ferrari 458 Speciale is a monster. Plus, Infiniti, Alfa Romeo, the new Jaguar SUV, and a whole bunch of other stuff including more of the Derek D Point of View camera, and apparently Bob Shubin Jr. is showing up?! That’s all today on Fast Lane Daily from Germany at the Frankfurt Auto Show, hosted by Derek D!

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25 thoughts on “Ferrari Rental In Frankfurt

  1. Aliz├ęe Jacotey

    Hey FLD !! =’D Great episode as always! But could you guys tell me what’s
    the name of the intro song at 0:47 and the ending song at 10:33 ? =DDD
    Thanks a lot!

  2. winnipower

    This BMWs IModels will flop at the Market.
    They are both ugly as SHIT..
    And a 3Cyl in a Sportscar??
    Who buys this SHIT for over 100000?


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