Rent A Ferrari In Frankfurt

Rent Ferrari in Frankfurt – Ferrari Enzo, 458 Italia, F430, California, 599 GTB Fiorano and more..
Ferrari car hire to Frankfurt Airport and all Locations in Germany. If you are looking plan a business trip or for leisure you wish to hire Enzo, 458 Italia, F430, California, 599 GTB Fiorano or any other luxury Ferrari car in Frankfurt, our prestige Ferrari car hire company in Frankfurt presents clients with the best of all driving experiences that can be had anywhere in Frankfurt. No matter if you want to enjoy the benefits of a high-end Ferrari cars for just a day, weekend, a week or you want to escape for even longer. You will never forget the divine feeling of touring Germany in any one of our exotic and luxury Ferrari vehicles.
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Ferrari’s new 596bhp 458 Speciale features lost of new aerodynamic technology. Henry Catchpole takes a close look at all of the new details.
Ferrari 458 Speciale details:
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25 thoughts on “Rent A Ferrari In Frankfurt

  1. jcbferrari

    Slightly over the top with the mp4-12c hate. In terms of technology and
    performance the 12C is proven to be a faster and more capable car in terms
    of lap-times. Most motor journalists agree that despite the superior
    performance the 12C is in fact a less enjoyable ownership proposition, with
    less character. To say the 458 outclasses it is extreme for such similar
    classed cars.

  2. fabulousprofound

    what is the wheel size? they look visually smaller than those on an italia.
    (and does it come with a standard engine bay fire suppression system?)

  3. dpro1995

    It’s a beautiful piece of engineering and the boot is beautiful but the
    front of the car is fucking ugly!

  4. Supercarguy25

    you take one of the best drivers cars of all time, the 458 italia, and you
    give it more power and less weight. This thing is the best…

  5. Matt Lawrence Romanes

    Ferrari and McLaren have the goal of being the best supercar makers in the
    world. And guess what, they are!!!

  6. Michele Abate

    Hey dude, 605 Metric horsepower hp(M) – also PS, ”cv, hk, pk, ks or ch
    corresponding 597 Mechanical horsepower hp(I) – also bhp The various units
    used to indicate this definition (PS, cv, hk, pk, ks and ch) all translate
    to horse power in English, so it is common to see these values referred to
    as horsepower or hp in the press releases or media coverage of the German,
    French, Italian, and Japanese automobile companies.

  7. Kumar5155

    bullshit, it will just make the car heavier and more sluggish. Less weight
    equals less momentum when changing direction. I may not have either cars
    but its simple physics. Its is generally said that even the standard 458
    has better handling than the F12 reason for that is the weight and do you
    really need 730 bhp in a car that weighs this little?

  8. Kumar5155

    You buy a Ferrari for the feel and image the brand brings. Buying an
    Italian car for its quality is like buying a german car for its looks.

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