Rent Range Rover Europe

For Top Gear magazine’s Speed Week celebration, we brought along a new toy. It’s the DooZee Aerial Octocopter Drone, and The Stig wants to marry it…

For more on TG’s Speed Week adventures across Europe and at the Circuit de Charade, head to the link below…
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25 thoughts on “Rent Range Rover Europe

  1. Oskar Bogdanowicz

    Some say he can drive a lawnmower at 130mph or that he uses jedi powers to
    pilot rc choppers all we know is hes called THE STIG!

  2. Lukáš Vaculík

    “Some say he has telekinesis and he can control a rc plane with his mind…
    all we know it’s called THE STIG!”

  3. Denny Crane

    there can be a display showing all info in the radio. Check some of the FPV
    videos on youtube

  4. linkingisnonsense

    And that he’s confused by real helicopters, because they look too much like
    his own feet. All we know is…

  5. Live 3D

    it looks like a dx5e he’s holding… a Trex 500e is much to good to be
    controlled by a dx5e

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