Rent A Range Rover In France

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Richard Hammond in a TVR-engined Bowler Tomcat challenges freestyle kayak champion Shaun Baker in jet engine powered kayak to a race around an ice lake in Iceland.

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25 thoughts on “Rent A Range Rover In France

  1. Ethan Frome

    a completely unrelated thought but…. What are the copyright laws in the
    uk? if its the same that sequence from the pirates of the caribbean they
    played must have cost a good chunk of change.

  2. VTREX2010

    To whomever that this refers to, most of the races on Top Gear aren’t
    staged. What do you want? A live action race while they’re filming? They
    did the race already and the one you’re watching is a edited version,
    because, of course they can’t show you the whole thing(unless you purchase
    the unedited version). And Hammond crashing into the ice isn’t staged. He
    just lost control of the car. 

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