Rent A Range Rover In Geneva

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The Stig takes the Koenigsegg CXX round the Top Gear track shocking results…

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25 thoughts on “Rent A Range Rover In Geneva

  1. phoneper

    Wish they could test the newer ones, like the Agera, this car is stone age
    now, but I have a feeling Koenigsegg aint wanna take part in TG again

  2. Lamar E

    Whats up with all these older episodes, is it because you wanna gain more
    subscribers, views and money?

  3. ConscientiaSapiens

    something happend with wheel does any1 see that when he was in the middle
    of the turn the front right wheel didnt react

  4. Kristian Lundegård

    Mr. Stig, makes an opsie

    Stig crashes Koenigsegg CXX (HQ) – Top Gear – Series 8 – BBC

  5. Gavin Christensen

    wait is this episode older than this Bugatti Veyron & Zonda F: Stig Laps –
    Top Gear – BBC one

  6. Phil Lam

    Too much power and torque from those turbos… typical handling for ultra
    overpowered cars with just top speed in mind. 

  7. Aashir Aasif

    Did Anyone Notice That The Title Of This Video Is Wrong The Car Is Actually
    Called Koenigsegg CCX

  8. UltraVert

    If you want to beat the Zonda.. turbo the shit out of an Atom. Or run an
    F1 car on the track.

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