Rent A Range Rover In Germany

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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May reach the Guallatiri volcano and must choose between taking the long route around it or a shortcut by going over it!

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25 thoughts on “Rent A Range Rover In Germany

  1. Shane Earley

    I just thought of something. If they wanted oxygen they could have taken
    the dust cap of James’s spare wheel and each taken a hit from the tyre.

  2. NavyAirTraffic

    Where they turned around was only the half the height of Everest (8,516
    meters). Just think about what that would be without supplemental oxygen.

  3. seagoulcoulberg

    Incredible. Consider that 2 of the 3 vehicles were carbureted. They MUST
    have rejetted them at some point haha.

  4. Stanley Powers

    I am very mad at chevy over my 2004 Avalanche !Chevy has become
    junk!!!!!!!!!I have found what they build now is not being stood behind on
    the defective parts there making now . I will Buy fords from now

  5. chobit389

    Seeing these three men give up on anything is probably the most depressing
    thing ever. (Don’t blame em though, this one was a long shot)

  6. Tank Soldier

    Does it amaze anyone else that the cast and crew of the top auto show in
    the UK don’t know about re-gearing? When you increase the tire size you
    have to change the gearing. This is the third or fourth time (?) they’ve
    changed the tire size on a vehicle then complained about it.

  7. Nathan Clark

    I am in quito Ecuador, Im at 4000 meters which is higher than them and i
    havnt got a bad head from altitude

  8. Austin Melendez

    3 grown men, one active volcano, 3 off-road vehicles, 3 viagra pills,
    obviously there filming the more badass remake of broke back mountain

  9. Dr.Deisel

    citan1981 you are at 8400 ft they were at 16000, so yes at double what your
    at I think you would be struggling to bud

  10. cr2zybadger

    I think half that altitude you should already start feeling different, bit
    harder going up stairs and all that. Around 17k feet is about as high as
    people are able to live (or bother living) long term.

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