Rent A Range Rover In Spain

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The world’s favourite car show returns for a brand new series and the action kicks off in New Zealand as Jeremy Clarkson and James May race a car against a boat in a nail biting battle up the beautiful coastline to the very tip of the North Island. The boat is a state-of-the-art America’s Cup yacht whilst the car is of a type many of us are familiar with yet never before seen on Top Gear. Meanwhile, back in the UK, Richard Hammond attempts to find a hot hatch hero from a trio of newcomers, the Renaultsport Clio 200, Peugeot 208 GTI and Ford Fiesta ST, and a cavalcade of top stars assemble at the track to welcome a brand new Reasonably Priced Car.

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25 thoughts on “Rent A Range Rover In Spain

  1. Jim Wall

    Admittedly we’re already 1 episode into the brand new series ( episode 2 is
    later this week at usual time on usual channel) but, here’s Jeremy, Richard
    and James doing a preview thing for the brand new series.

  2. Rail Da Ribeira

    Top Gear season 20, can’t wait! The chaps look like they have been up to
    their usual mayhem and mischief.

  3. TheRandomerz7009

    Well yes, people in America and Europe both have egos. Some of which are
    pretty big; but not ALL Europeans have massive egos nor do Americans.
    Wait… how does egos have anything to do with this? My point is, yes, they
    are insulting Americans; but Top Gear is one show. Brits live with millions
    of American shows with British “jokes” in them. Besides, it is not like
    they are insulting you or any American directly. It is a joke – not to be
    taken seriously.

  4. Toxic Potato

    Don’t forget the other 1.000 who protest on the street the next day yelling


    i loved top gear yesterday, i love it still, always have and always will
    never stop making top gear even if it means no more specials

  6. Elena Dalla Torre

    inizierà su discovery channel italia verso ottobre penso perche la 19 è
    uscita in Uk a febbraio e su sky a maggio (4 mesi dopo)

  7. Donald Creekbaum

    I wish it didn’t take a year to get the season on netfix. i just recently
    got season 19 and 20 is already out. i’m about to upgrade my tv package
    just to get this show when it comes out.

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