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Mourinho’s Real Madrid swept to victory

Jose Mourinho was very satisfied with his players’ game last Saturday Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid match. Despite the team had spent all week preparing for the match and were very tired, they succeeded in winning an important league match.

Real Madrid team controlled the match in the first half and they finally managed to take three important points even though they were exhausted.

Unfortunately, Cristiano Ronaldo was still suffering from his hamstring injury and had to leave the pitch before the end of the match as he couldn’t bear the pain in his left thigh.

The same happened to him in the Real Madrid vs Lyon match which finished with a victory of Real Madrid which make it possible to the team to get to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

According to medical tests and a magnetic resonance done at Sanitas La Moraleja Hospital, Cristiano suffers a Grade I muscle injury with edema on the left biceps femoris. He may not be able to face Tottenham in the quarterfinals, since the first leg is planned to be played on April 5 at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Perhaps it was not very smart to rush Cristiano Ronaldo back from injury. His machine broke down again.

On the other hand, the goalkeeper Íker Casillas was great. He did his best to face the attacks of his opponents during the 90-minutes-match. His strength did not fail him and he was splendid. He proved that he is very professional and overcame all the difficulties he had to cope with.

Among the crowd, not all was so nice. During the Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, Atletico Madrid feel ashamed of his fans, who behaved in a childish way and began ugly chanting against Real Madrid players during the derby defeat.

Chants of “Die Cristian ” dedicated to the injured Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo and other not nicer chants aimed at Marcelo could clearly be heard in the second-half at the Vicente Calderon.
Atletico Madrid fans proved to be very rude, whereas the players looked like gentlemen in the pitch and the white team gained a well-deserved victory.

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