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Italy, a rich and stylish country in Europe, is one of the most famous destinations for your holidays. The overwhelming experience of culture, food and natural landscapes will make Italy your favorite place for unforgetable memories with your loved people in luxurious villas.


Italy enjoys the geographical borders with some of the most beautiful and historically known countries like France, Austria, Slovenia and also the heavenly Switzerland. It is a peninsula lying in the midst of the Mediterranean surrounded by the Ionian Sea in the Southern side, with the Ligurian, Tyrrhenian and the Sardinian Sea on the west, covered by the Adriatic Sea in the East.

The natural landscape of Italy gives you a diverse choice of enjoying the hilly mountains which includes the Apennines and the Alps mountain ranges, together with the refreshing experience of the islands, such as Sicily and Sardinia on the southern and the western coast respectively, the two most amazing islands that are part of this country.


Italy’s climate gives you the opportunity to enjoy the tan on the sandy beaches of its islands under the bright sun in the warm summers. Mostly the tourists prefer the grandeur of the villas throughout the country. Sardinia is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, pertaining to its exposure to the wonderful, crystal clear sea where you can find some fabulous apartments, and also cottages for rent on your vacation.


Europe is known for its diversified natural beauty, and Italy is specially known to possess the most beautiful lakes of the continent. If you are an outdoor lover, Italy is the spot for your holidays at self catering homes, enjoying the outdoor water sports and adventurous days exploring the local area.

One of such places is Umbria, known for its hilly natural landscapes, best for the hiking purposes, chosen by many families for their vacation destination.


The grand cities of Florence and Tuscany give you the vitalizing experience of some of the greatest architecture of Italy together with the rich cultural exposure, serving you with some of the best cuisines you can ask for. In fact, people who have visited Italy specially visit these cities for some of the most fulfilling experience of food and wine suiting their taste, staying in the luxurious villas offering swimming pools, gardens and a complete enjoyable experience.


Rome is one of those cities that click first on your mind when you think of Europe! It is the most popular destination for groups of people visiting the country and staying in the villas that it offers. Long vacations complement best with the highly luxurious villas which give you the base to explore the city’s historic and cultural richness. May it be for the family and friends, or the romantic couple’s vacation; Rome suits all your needs with some of the best holiday apartments and overwhelming experience of the great villas.


You can never get enough of the Italian experience, with its wonderful, fascinating beaches, shiny, bright summers, and the most beautiful lakes that the continent has to offer. The wide variety of living in holiday apartments, cottages and villas gives you an added advantage to spend your vacation in Italy. No matter how narrow your budget line is, with the great choices of living on rental basis, Italy makes itself one of the most affordable and overwhelming experiences to spend your holidays.