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The owner of the car should feel very proud to own it. The car should provide that much class to the owner. Ferrari is one of such cars. It is a luxury sports car. No other car can stand in front of the glamour and speed of Ferrari. It is an Italian car. In 1928, Enzo Ferrari founded the company. Because of his hard work, Ferrari cars were riding successfully in several races that took place in Europe. In all Formula one races, Ferrari cars stood first.

125S was the first road car of Ferrari. It was released in 1947. Enzo suffered a lot for finance during the period 1940 to 1970. At last, in 1980 he sold the company to Fiat. It can be considered as a new era for Ferrari cars.

Fiat started producing good quality sports cars. Ferrari F 40 was one of the superb model sports car. It was built in 1988. Still now it remains the first choice for many car lovers. Apart from cars, Ferrari is now producing several products such as watches, mobile phones, electronic goods, perfumes and bicycles.

Several models and designs of Ferrari have been produced. Each one has its own advantage. People who have driven Ferrari will accept it as the best car of its kind. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is one of the popular models of Ferrari.  315 km/h is the maximum speed of it. The cost of this car is 300,000 euro. And it is also expensive to maintain. For maintenance, one has to spend 10,000 euro every year.

Ferrari 550 Maranello is another preferable Ferrari car. Its maximum speed is 323 km/h. Riding this will give a thrilling experience to the rider. The curves of this car will be very beautiful.  The beautiful interior is another advantage of this car. It costs around seventy thousand euro.  And at the same time the maintenance cost per year will be less than 650 euro.

The first dual clutch Ferrari car is Ferrari California.

It has central front engine. And also it is considered to be the most aerodynamic among other Ferrari cars. 140,000 euro will cost you to buy this Ferrari car. One can attain the maximum speed of 310 km/h with this car.

Ferrari F430 gets the prestige as the official car for Ferrari race classes. Having the maximum speed as 317 km/h it is the successor for the Ferrari model 360. From 180,000 euro one can get this car.

One of the most expensive and luxurious cars of the Ferrari series is Ferrari Enzo (FXX). This car is named in memory of the Founder Ferrari Enzo. 1,300,000 euro is needed to become the owner of this car. And also the maintenance is also a very big deal. For a year, approximately 40,000 euro will be needed to maintain the car in good condition.

Though Ferrari cars are more expensive, it is the choice for many people. The stylish look and class provided by them is the main reason for their increasing sale.