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Tradition says that the city of Rome was founded in the mid-eighth century BC by Romulus and Remus, the twin brothers the sons of Mars and Rhea Silvia.The traditional date of the official founding of Rome goes back to 21 April 753 BC. The ancient city was created through a progressive meeting of villages, built on the famous seven hills, in a single village inhabited by the ancient Romans. From the geographical point of view the Old Rome was placed on large flat areas, swampy valleys and hills lapped by the river Tiber. The peoples who inhabited these regions, used two major shopping streets, going from one coast to the inland area (Sabina) along the Tiber and was used primarily for the supply of salt (corresponds to the historical Via Salaria) who was then the base agricultural-pastoral economy and another road that ran along the route Etruria, Campania.The first king of ancient Rome were seven:Romulus (753 BC 716 BC), remembered as the founder of ancient Rome.Numa Pompilius (715 BC 672 BC) who divided the year into twelve months also by regulating the holidays and celebrations. This king also created the priestly college of the Vestal Virgins (young virgins chosen to become priestesses consecrated to the goddess Vesta) and the office of pontifex maximus (Roman religious figure).Ostilio Tullius (672 BC 640 BC) the famous king who conquered Alba Longa defeated the Sabines.Anco Marzio (640 BC 616 BC) continued the work of expansion of the Lazio region and founded the first colony at Ostia.Tarquinius Priscus (616 BC 579 BC), Servius Tullius (578 BC 535 BC) and Tarquinius Superbus (535 BC 509 BC) were the Etruscan kings and the rulers in these cities evolved considerably.

The last king, however, was not very popular because they considered insolent and arrogant towards people and towards the institutions and was driven, according to tradition, in 509 BC.

The decline of Etruscan power is given precisely to this decision that paved the way for greater autonomy in Rome.In the period from 509 BC and 27 BC Rome and conquered territories were organized in the State of the Roman Republic. In this period Rome became underwent profound changes over time, small-town state capital of a large state composed of many different people and different civilizations: the beginning of the Roman Empire.The Roman Empire was strengthened between the first century BC and A. D. IV.The beginning of the empire (27 BC), with the principality of Octavian and the conferment of the title of Augustus, and the end (395 AD), with the death of Theodosius the empire when it was finally separated from the eastern to the western part but the end of the Roman Empire in 476 goes back to the time of return of the imperial regalia of the emperor of the East Odoacer Zeno.

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