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In any case, a party leader is normally expected to make the holiday arrangements and to be responsible for the costs involved. Vacationists who prefer venues which provide self-catering facilities will need to know ahead of time what services and amenities are included in the rental costs and which will need to be budgeted for separately.

Conventionally, taxes and credit card service charges are covered, whereas flights and car rentals are not. Usually travelers have to organize their own transport to and from the airport and will be expected to do so with regards to travel insurance too.

Anyone who knows about leasing self-catering holiday property will know that satisfying the appetite is a matter for guests to resolve themselves, by exercising their culinary skills in the unit kitchen which is almost always kitted out with whatever basic utensils and appliances are needed, or by eating out. If guests are really fortunate, the staff at the premises may offer them dinner on the night of their arrival, thereby setting the stage for a warm welcome and a start to a relaxing stay. Furthermore, employees may even pack the grocery cupboard with basic groceries so that visitors need not go shopping as they arrive in town. This is especially helpful in a country where most shops are closed on Sundays.

Most accommodation rates include electricity and gas up to a maximum value and if this quota is exceeded, it is billed for at the end of the stay. In light of the fact that the comfort of guests is paramount, most holiday venues have central heating and air conditioning available. As to whether or not usage thereof costs more, this decision lies within individual venue rules.

Alternatively, a swimming pool might be the preferred means of cooling down. In the cooler seasons, however, this may come at a cost to the holidaymaker.

Generally speaking, maid services are provided on a regular basis. The frequency thereof is determined beforehand by the venue management. Should guests require additional cleaning to be done, this can be arranged at an extra fee. Bedding and bath linen are also replaced regularly, but again, should more be needed, most lodging staff are quite happy to see to it. Along with a given number of beds per room, baby cots may be obtainable on request, whilst unit appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers are typically at vacationists’ disposal.

In this day and age, what with communication being so global, free internet is a huge convenience. On the other hand, telephone calls are by and large an optional extra.

After a honeymoon or a regular holiday in Italy, people who rent villas in Italy are very likely to want a repeat experience, whether the accommodation is at a luxury venue in a town center or at a quaint seaside cottage. Rain or shine, winter or summer, Italy beckons the world.

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