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Although house development in Nottingham has not thrived in the last few years, renting has not been badly affected in the key areas of the city. This has been largely due to the vibrant student community that has been thriving in the city for many years now. Other people have also been busy renting properties in Nottingham, most of them professionals who have come to work in the city from other places in the Midlands.

Student Community
Hundreds of students come every year to study in Nottingham. Most of these settle in areas where other students live, and which have come to be known as ‘the student areas’ of Nottingham. Such areas include the vibrant City Centre, Lenton, and the Meadows.

Lenton is replete with students because it offers good accommodations at relatively cheap prices. Normally a new student that moves to Lenton can get away with a £240 rent a month. The Meadows, which is located in the proximity of the town, is even less expensive than Lenton, a £200 rent a month not being uncommon.

The city centre, on the other hand, can be almost twice as expensive as the Meadows. One can find both new and old rooms in it, the newer ones being obviously more expensive. A nice room in the city centre is about £400 a month. 

Middle-class Options 

Nottingham offers professionals quite a few options when it comes to renting. West Bridgeford, which is three miles away from the city centre, is a good area for anyone that wants full accommodations. West Bridgeford is excellent for both those who plan to live in the city temporarily as well as for those who wish to stay longer. Since it’s a residential area, West Bridgeford is more expensive than other areas.

Other areas good for professionals include Gedling and perhaps Arnold.

Southwell is also a good area, but it’s situated rather far from the city centre. Moreover, it is a bit more expensive than most parts of Nottingham. Sherwood is another area popular among professionals. A double bedroom room is about £200 a month. In Carlton rents are significantly higher, reaching easily £350 a month for a room. 

Areas Considered ‘Problematic’

It should be noted that some people regard Nottingham, and especially certain areas of it, as having alarmingly high crime rates. While this is true to some extent, the city is not as dangerous as it is often portrayed. For example, the areas mentioned above and especially West Bridgeford are quite safe.

Some of the “problematic” spots in Nottingham include St Ann’s and Bulwell. Most people also tend to be apprehensive whenever they visit Wilford.

As it can be seen, Nottingham offers many options to those who wish to rent within its bounds. Prices are tailored to suit all pockets.