Rent a Porsche in Madrid

The Porsche Boxster Range are extremely fast powerful sports cars and more importantly they are the best handling roadsters on this earth that are in production! The Porsche Boxster was first released in 1996 and has pretty much stayed unchanged other than a few interior tweaks and the odd engine mod. Porsche tend to do this they find a shape that works and sticks with it yet it still manages to refine it every year and well the best just keep on getting better.

A second generation Boxster was released in 2005 which is more powerful with its mid engined 6 cylinder power plant and with the two seats up front and none behind it looks just like a Porsche Spyder and yet over 50 percent of the Boxsters chassis and electrics is robbed from the very successful 911 Carrera which is no bad thing.

The 2005 Boxster model looks a little different from the 2004 model it looks a little livelier or we could describe that it has an aura about it has got an extra 15 brake horse power, the extra power is exceptionally noticeable between 2000rpm and 4000rpm. The 2005 Porsche Boxster S has just about the same performance capabilities as the top of the range 911 Carrera from the acceleration times and the top speed which to be honest is pretty awesome considering the very reasonable price of the Boxster S. The Boxster exhaust system is like no other road going car it has been tweaked so that it plays a trombone sound and this is truly amazing considering that both the Boxster engines are are lot smaller than the six cylinder engines in thePorsche 911 Carrera.

The gearbox in a Boxster is normally a 5 speed manual however the factory does offer a six speed option and also you can get the famous Tiptronic automatic transmission which is becoming the more preferred than to the manual gearbox..

The bodywork of the Boxster is of course up to the usual high standard that Porsche is known for and the interior doesn’t let the side down either.

Something I have noticed about the Boxster is that everything is on the bodywork or inside the car for a reason I don’t think Porsche do things to make them look nice I think everything is designed to be lighter or to skim through the air and Boxster does look exceptionally sleek. In the past the Boxster has been said to have looked cheap and was often known as a ‘Poor Mans Porsche’ however I think this has most certainly changed.

The centre console is truly a work of art and with the titanium panelling it really does look the part. As with all sports cars there is always the question of where do you put the shopping and I know that most passengers don’t mind it on their lap however this does get annoying however the Porsche Boxster has two storage compartments one of which is behind the seats which is not massive but definitely worth mentioning and the other is under the bonnet this however definitely has the capabilities of losing in the most amount of shopping you could probably lose a small child in this space

The Porsche Boxster has a powered convertible roof which is very quick to drop down and thankfully in the time of the normal British weather it rains it can be up in a flash. But not only is it quick but the roof can be operated and speeds of no more than 30 mph which means you can drop the top in the town without finding somewhere to park! So the Boxster is a convertible car however it doesn’t follow the usual trend of convertibles in the sense that it doesn’t have a great deal of wind noise and the rear screen is heated so in the winter months you don’t fog it up and its as weather tight as many of the tin tops.

Porsche call the Boxster a mid engined car and this is because the engine sits just forward of the rear axle the trouble with this is if you a bit of a car enthusiast and always like to pop the bonnet to take a peak then this is not the car for you. The engine is only accessible from underneath or if you can bothered and that’s to remove a number of the interior panels and I certainly say you wont be maintaining your own car if you own a Boxster. However every cloud has a silver lining at this with engine as near to the middle of the car it gives better weight distribution and this just give you the best handling ride of your life. This is how the Boxster can take the name of the best handling car on the planet…that is road legal!