Rent a Range Rover in Munich

The Range Rover is a four wheel drive sport utility vehicle (SUV), it is produced in the UK by Land Rover. Land Rover use to be a UK owned company but since 2007 it is owned by the Indian company TATA Motors.

The Range Rover was initially introduced in 1970 and we are currently on the third generation.  The 1st generation Range Rover was not designed as a luxury 4×4; it was more of a utility vehicle like the Jeep Wrangler.

By the time the third generation Range Rover came out in 2002 Land Rover was under BMW ownership and the Range Rover moved upmarket. It was designed to share components and systems with the 7 series BMW, during its production time it started to share components from the 5 series.

The Range Rover is available with two engine options, a supercharged 5.0 litre V8 Petrol producing 503bhp and a 3.6 litre diesel producing 267bhp. The petrol engine is very quick; the diesel engine is no slug either with plenty of torque and power to shift the Range Rover. Both engines are mated to a six speed auto gearbox; there are no manual gearbox options available.

Where the Range Rover excels and leaves its competitors behind is its ability to provide on road comfort as well as astonishing off road capabilities, it is as good on tarmac as it is on the rough dirt roads. The adaptive air suspension means the Range Rover can quickly adjust to the road and driving conditions, for a big car there is hardly any body roll.

Cabin refinement levels is another one of the Range Rover’s unique selling points, the materials used, the design and the “solidness” of it all is inspiring. The soft supple leather seats, the gadgets and technology all contribute to a relaxing drive, the passenger experience is that of a chauffeur driven limo.

If you are looking to buy a Range Rover in Wiltshire check out Westover Group’s Land Rover dealership, they tend to have a lot of stock of both new and used Range Rovers.