Sports Car Rental Germany

My first experience in Nurburgring nordschclif …it was amazing…i didn’t go faster because it’s dangerous first time , dont know the track, dont konw how the car behaves ..and many motorbikes on the track…if you broke the car you pay at least 2500 eur so i went there to have fun but carefully…the important isnt the speed , is the corners the turns and the clifs…i had to look into side mirror every time…each time someone overtakes you have to reduce speed to 50km/h and sign the right indicator…and when there is an accident you have to reduce too, and wait the yellow flag off…..i enjoyed a lot . I dindnt go with my car first because i would like to know if the track was dangerours as they say….but in the end as nothing hapenned i went with my scirocco…and was completly wonderfull….i will put video soon.

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