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Range Rover Car Hire St Tropez Sport HSE, Vogue SE, Evoque, Discovery, Autobiography France

Range Rover Sport HSE car hire St Tropez

When renting the Range Rover HSE in St Tropez you will experience the features such as an imposing front grille and body coloured front bumper, vent blades and door handles for a contemporary appearance.

Range Rover HSE car hire in St Tropez and you get an off-road legend with unrivalled comfort and style.

The LR-TDV6 3.0 Litre Diesel Engine takes you up to 60mph in 7.4 seconds and takes you to a top speed of 130mph.

The HSE is at home on and off-road anywhere in St Tropez and with it's TD engine it wont cost the earth to run giving urban mpg of 33.2.

Range Rover Vogue SE car hire St Tropez

The All New Range Rover Vogue SE is the most advanced and luxurious model to ever display the Land Rover badge. Sporting an aluminium chassis, greater dimensions and an automatic terrain responsive driving mode; comfort and power are of equal high standing on this prestige SUV.

The Range Rover Vogue SE is remarkably agile and feels assuredly precise in the most difficult of driving situations St Tropez can offer. This vehicle rides with a suppleness and control that eludes most luxury saloons, never mind any other SUV.

Considerably larger and yet distinctly lighter than previous generations this model does retain enough visual features to confirm its original heritage. The attractive exterior of the Vogue SE encompasses a luxury cabin that is the epitome of elegant quality, from the finest Semi Aniline leather seats to the state-of-the-art Meridian 825 Watt Sound System.

With 442lb/ft at your disposal the authoritative Range Rover Vogue will climb hills on and off -road with ease, and will hardly notice a caravan hitched to its back. The driving position enjoys an excellent visibility and the major functions are controlled by easy-to-use knobs, clear dials and a touch-screen infotainment system.

Hire the innovative luxury 4x4 All-New Range Rover Vogue SE in St Tropez and enjoy an exciting and superior driving experience.

Range Rover Evoque car hire St Tropez

Renting a Land Rover Evoque in St Tropez is the perfect selection if you plan on combining off road adventures with city driving conditions. The high performance off road capabilities and superior driving features make this one of the most popular SUV rentals.

The Land Rover Evoque comes as a five, or a three door coupe version, and you have a choice of three trim levels that include: pure, prestige, and dynamic. Each model includes a 2 litre, turbo-charged, 4 cylinder motor that produces 240 horsepower. The six speed transmission is standard, as is the all wheel drive system.

The Land Rover Evoque offers several outstanding safety features that include: antilock brakes, stability and traction control, front and side airbags, and a trailer sway control system. The cabin's interior is comfortable and luxurious and includes: a full length sunroof, an innovative touch screen that handles a host of commands, and a redesigned console. The vehicle is extremely agile, and it's guaranteed to grab the attention of SUV enthusiasts everywhere.

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Land Rover Discovery car hire St Tropez

The Land Rover Discovery is currently in its fourth generation, and it's one of the most respected off road vehicles in the world. When you hire a Land Rover Discovery, you'll be driving a solid, reliable mid-size SUV with a distinctive presence and high performance qualities.

The 3-litre, turbocharged TDV6 Diesel is coupled with 8-speed automatic transmission and Intelligent Stop/Start technology and takes you from 0-60mph in 9.9 seconds.

The Land Rover Discovery reigns supreme over all other off road vehicles. The off road capabilities of the Discovery make it the perfect vacation vehicle. It handles a variety of road conditions with ease - whether you're driving through back mountain roads, over rough desert conditions, or the sandy beaches of Europe, the versatility and reliability of the Land Rover Discovery make it the perfect vehicle to hire. This is a very popular vehicle for hire no matter what the season, so make sure to book yours as early as possible.

Range Rover Sport car hire St Tropez

If you plan on doing any off road driving in St Tropez, you might want to consider hiring the all New Range Rover Sport rental to get you there with confidence and exceptional comfort.

The Range Rover Sport is a luxurious yet extremely functional, practical, and reliable four-wheel-drive SUV. The off road abilities of the Range Rover Sport will astonish even the toughest automobile critics. The Range Rover Sport can be pressed to the breaking point and come out unharmed and wanting more. The off-road features that are built into the Range Rover Sport become more clear when looking at the design features of the frame and the engine, which were calculated for the challenging off-road conditions that rough terrain has to offer. Such as the high performance traction system designed for: navigating through streams, crawling over rocks, driving in muddy conditions, driving on sand, driving on grass, and driving on snow.

The Range Rover Sport is propelled by a 5.0 liter super-charged V8 engine. This motor has been reconfigured to fit the Range Rover Sport. In terms of horsepower and reliability, the Range Rover Sport stands out amongst its competitors, and in a big way too. The high performance from the Range Rover Sport remains unparalleled in this category of SUVs.

The exclusive features and supreme design allow the Range Rover Sport to stand tall among the likes of any other high end sport utility vehicles on the road today. The Range Rover Sport is smaller than the Discovery and the traditional Range Rover; however, you won't notice this from the interior because it actually feels more spacious than its predecessors.

The Range Rover Sport seats four passengers comfortably, and it still has room for luggage and personal items. The Range Rover Sport comes equipped with an 8 speed transmission, adjustable air springs that raise or lower the vehicle by 10 centimeters, and a split screen DVD player in the cabin to mention only a few. Renting a Range Rover Sport makes perfect sense if you're traveling with family and friends too.

Range Rover Autobiography car hire St Tropez

The Range Rover is the ultimate of all luxury sport utility vehicles, and it has earned a reputation for being one of the most desirable of all off road vehicles. Renting the Series Range Rover Autobiography will allow you to travel in luxury and style no matter what the road conditions bring.

The Autobiography comes fully equipped with a potent 4.4 litre V8 diesel engine and an eight speed transmission. Gear changes are hardly noticeable, and the handling is impressive on all types of terrain. The Terrain Response Control System located on the center console allows the driver to quickly choose between five separate modes: rocks, grass, gravel, snow, and tarmac.

The Gradient Release Control System prevents the Range Rover from gaining speed too quickly, and the on and off-road navigation system is a standard feature on the vehicle. The Autobiography is extremely luxurious and features rear facing five inch flat panel display screens for passengers, 2 Apple ipads, a CD player, electronically and fully adjustable seats, leather interior, and even a Television for the front passenger. Rent a Range Rover Autobiography for the perfect family vacation, or you can use it for business trips as well.